You Really Got Me | Cinematic Trailer - League of Legends: Wild Rift (ft. 2WEI)

Опубликовано: 27 окт 2020
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“You Really Got Me”
Original song by: The Kinks, Ray Davies
Featured artists: 2WEI, Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
Produced by: 2WEI
Vocals performed by: Hanna Leess, Kataem, Marvin Brooks
P/C Riot Games 2020
Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
Yeah, you really got me goin'
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' now
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
You really got m--
You really got me
You really got me
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
I’ll win the war and the battle bro
We’ll take your home for collateral
They like to call us some animals
I know they mad that we crafting the manual
Know, this ain’t for weak or for hate this for soul
Tell them retreat cause they ain’t even close
Seek casualties cause they can’t leave with hope
Keep ‘em reminded, they tryna let go
Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me


  • What the... 22M views in just four weeks

  • Please, Change Yasuo name to Yanto

  • not me watching an ad

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  • goodbye mobile legends, you money hungry pay to win ho's

  • I do love Lux. So Im 0 death when I play Lux♡

  • Big TF2 vibes, I dig it

  • 1:50 느리게 봐봐요

  • 1:45 Ahri 😍😍

  • Who is the little mouse?

  • ^오^

  • Hi

  • how lux dodge q malaphite????

  • Thumbnail looks like she wants to jump out of the screen and "do me"

  • Report Lux focus tank

  • Wait, who's the jungler on Jynx's team?

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  • Everyone knows about the characters and the game... And... I know nothing about the game.but eagerly waiting to play it after it launches on playstore.


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  • F in the chat for the kinks and Van halen

  • WTF IS THIS? There is no such thing like the Yasuo in this Clip. Pure Clickbait :D

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  • that braum block at 1:45 is legendary

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  • They didn't win at the end, they never did, they were celebrating nothin, Yasuo was still fighting in the backround

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  • I just realized Biltz is looking teemo in a cute, adoring way. Like how we adore at little babies XD 1:21

  • Why does LOL always make Lux fight malphite. Are they telling us a new meta?! Should lux be top?!🥴

  • Kindred they forgot you again

  • but why is camilles head that big

  • Sigo esperando para instalar esta hermosa app

  • Fking release it already. FFS

  • Я создал акк только что бы лайкнуть это видео!

  • Make zed a good guy for once

  • Ingat.... Ada allah....

  • oh man, it's awkward seeing the character in pron before you see them in the actual game XD

  • gooood job

  • 1:46工具人的悲哀

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  • Everyone: simping for lux and ahri Me: « hmm Malph do be thicc tho »

  • Anythin but among us is still the king of the games

  • its a lie, teemo hasn't been released yet

  • cringe

  • Me when i watched this cinematic:this is a great animation compares to mobile legends

  • I see they released a Mobile Version of LOL

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  • Why Teemo is so cute.

  • Butchered "You Really Got Me"

  • Malphite kinda thicc tho ngl

  • the best.....

  • muhtesem cinematic rito bu işi yapıyor

  • Im still waiting for teemo though, bet he will be OP for his skills

  • 0:28

    • Y'all really gotta ship everything?

    • Bruh

  • Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  • 잘만들었다 good

  • Enemy team: pretty normal comp Jinx team: YaSuO, TeEmO

  • simping lux all of my life

  • RTX ON!

  • I hate it that they show teemo in the trailer but not in game

  • i just noticed that camille's eyes are blue 'cause she was fighting tenmo and blitz

  • I don't know why but the pure joy on all of their faces just makes my heart swell.

  • Lux is like disney princess so beautiful and cute.

  • everyone is talking about the game while I'm here just talking about how I never knew the ad was actually much longer

  • Teemo efsane lan :D

  • Amazing

  • This is SO much better than ML's trashy ads. So fcking annoying.

  • LEAGUE of LENGENS:WildRift

  • Teemo is in the trailer but he ain't in the game (the game i mean is lol wild rift)

  • League of legends s11 = japan anime

  • 여기도 직스는 없었다 . . .

  • if there have harley queen skin

  • This is cool

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  • Musica original no tienen? Siempre las reciclan

  • Is that first girl with that shark weapon is a mascot or icon for LoL?

  • I don't know why they gotta make a separate channel for this. Now the subscribers count will struggle reaching million and MLBB will truly win.

  • The girl with Blue hair looks like my oc but my oc has orange hair

  • PC LOL also better than LOL mobile what a piece of shit

  • Stupid stupid LOL mobile

  • All noobs that always make me lose

  • I'm at gold rank but always play with silver and bronze rank

    • play camille or fiora or upcoming champion for wild rift irelia its freelo with them

  • What a stupid game

  • Can't login but why...😞😥

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  • Giant upgrade.

  • Why yasuo don't want a new cloth

  • Can American servers get the game mlb is ass

  • I don't play the game, but I love Jinx.

  • i found it funny when in the very start of the game they all had there ults😆

  • jinx started the game at level 6 everyone: wait thats illegal

  • jinx started the game at level 6 everyone: wait thats illegal

  • 😍

  • Beautiful trailer

  • Todos os meus casas gostaram dessa cinematic

  • Those one who dislike this vid is from mobile legend gamers