Your Dog Questions Answered! | Compilation

Опубликовано: 31 июл 2019
People and dogs have been best buddies for, like, 15,000 years, but there are still some things we don't know about them! That's why SciShow has put together this handy compilation answering some of the common questions we all have about our canine companions!
Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV?
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  • Worry not, cat lovers. There's a playlist for you, too:

    • What about us ferret lovers? Don't you have any videos for us?

    • Can we have a bunny one? Pleeease.

    • @Mr Ferris I wonder the same thing! (some) dog lovers (I mean those who hate cats) get all worked up about cats in such an unreasonable way. Even that guy from Eons couldn't hold his hate against cats back ["The Rise and Fall of the Bone-Crushing Dogs"] (very disapointing...). While I love cats, but I like dogs as well despite their flaws, which EVERY species has.

    • You are not a tiger works channel.. lol But I LITERALLY Just got thru watching a scishow vide.. it was about how bacterial studies almost prevented us from discovering the flu. (Influenza VIRUS)

    • I want a cat haters video. Why do cat lovers fear dogs compared to dog lovers just hating cats?

  • man i hate it when my dog brings me bananas instead of my blue slipper

  • Challenge accepted

  • I'm pretty sure my pup is just messing with me like 95% of the time🤣🤣

  • Challenge accepted just kidding

  • dogs make me talk like pirate for some reason


  • Is the girl a wacky inflatable arm man?

  • Chocolate make us sick to, just alot slower.

  • My dog sees the red laser pointer tho

  • I actually have to put the laptop on with dog friendly you tube videos when I leave the house. Otherwise my 2 year old ridge back puppy will destroy everything.

  • I’ve tried that chocolate challenge a few times. Did not succeed. But it won’t keep me from trying again, unfortunately.

  • I dont have any questions and no need to send me a Nobel peace prize. Just some peace and quiet from you turds is enough.

  • I sense great fear in you, not through the force, but through that smelly shirt

  • My dog does not respond to sounds from speakers (tv/phone) except for doorbells, he hates those. When I was little my grandma had a tea-cup poodle that could eat anything, she once devoured a 1kg chocolate figurine of a motorcycle meant for my dad, he was not pleased lol.

  • When my dog went blind, she learned left and right to not bump into things.we just tell her what way to go

  • Me as a kid: eats a whole bag of recess pecess Me now: can't eat it any more

  • You should consider doing a video like this about parrots. Lots of neat differences between parrots and dogs/cats - colour vision differences, "frame rate" or pulse-detection differences, visual acuity differences, hearing (frequencies, acuity), smell, intelligence, domestication/lack thereof. Of course, I am slightly biased.

  • Challenge accepted.

  • 3:52 that's ME. I could still learn lots of stuff. I just don't choose to.

  • Rats CAN eat chocolate, though; Theobroma is actually helpful, to temporarily help a ratty, who's having respiratory you're heading to the vet. If your ratty isn't interested in chocolate, especially, hella sweet milk chocolate? They might have a problem, so should go for a check-up, in general

  • I once had a neighbor with a tiny Shih Tzu. When I went to her house one time, I saw her take a Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar from the freezer and immediately started breaking off the chocolate and throwing it on the floor for her dog to eat. I was appalled and asked "Isn't chocolate poisonous to dogs???" Turns out she had no idea and was really surprised to learn that. She thought the chocolate was too sweet and her dog wanted to eat it so she had been feeding her dog the chocolate from every single ice cream bar she ate, and the dog had no indications of being ill. I'm convinced I lived near a superdog.

  • My dog barks at any four legged animal on TV and Brian Griffin. The talking and bipedal walking dog on Family Guy.

  • **URGENT** PLEASE ANSWER!!!!! i really want a dog but my parents dont want it in the house is it fine if i make it a home in the shack it will be provided with a heater and lots of toys and blankets and ladders for the dog to play im thinking the dog could sleep in the shack and in the winter (i live in canada) i would take the heater and heat it up im scared for in the winter what if it gets cold what if i cant give it enough time i want to give my dog a good home if i do get one and i wont if you guys are saying i cant take care of a dog in a shack that is nicley decorated im scared and dont want to get one without knowing about it so please answer and answer if you want a dog to be in safe hands im not getting a dog until i know everything about it so please answer is it fine if i take care of a dog in a shack while i live in canada and in the winter it does get pretty cold im concerned is it fine please answer i need to know! and plus what happens if im away for a few hours will the dog get scared should i buy a ipod so the dog can listen to music? PLEASE ANSWER and ask more questions about the shack the shack is a pretty big one its build by hand and has a few shelves that a kid can stand in i want to knowww ask more questions to me so i can answer and you know if its a good idea or if im just not worthy enough to get a dog

  • Here is my question why did we evolve able to eat so many poisonous things while dogs and other creatures cant

  • Make no mistake, I completely believe it, because I think humans have pretty much always cooed over dogs the same no matter the time, but I have to laugh at the thought of a caveman using baby talk at a litter of wolves and deciding that the one that responds most is his pick. Oh, and as to the TV watching thing, I actually have a story, though it involves a cat. Maybe they process images completely differently. But still, she was a very young kitten, and we were watching a somewhat scary show on television. There was a particular scene where someone undergoing some body horror roared at the screen and let it all come to the forefront, and the kitten hissed at it like her life was in danger. We've always wondered at the fact she took something on a tv screen so seriously.

  • My dog doesn't recognise screens. She just can't watch the TV, iPads, phones. Or, she doesn't react at all and just waits for me to do something 😜 she doesn't recognise sounds from screens/computers either, she doesn't recognise when someone speaks to her through a screen, like she would definitely react to her favorite people when they are here, but on screen, when they try to "talk" to her she doesn't react. Maybe she's just stupid?😂

  • Older dogs suffer from dog depression.

  • Actually greyhounds have most similar vision to humans and a similar night vision which is why my dog bumps into the door at night.

  • My dog doesn't learn anything she just goes back to sleep

  • So when the mice got into the bag of tootsie rolls, it hurt them and I didn't know?

  • 11:30 Challenge accepted. :>


  • my dog bark at the simpsons

  • All I can say is that dogs are Way smarter than you think. They have lazy, stupid, and conniving, just like people do. But dogs, like people, thrive on purpose. Give them a goal and they will strive to attain it. A dog may be the only animal willing to die for you. "Man's best friend" is no joke. They deserve the respect and care you would give a family member.

  • I remember when my little mini pinscher ate like +100grs of DARK chocolate, I had to make her eat a full spoon of salt to induce vomiting. She puked it all out and had no problems, but she was never the same... She is fat af since xD (I do keep her on a diet but she is just really chubby now) Im actually curious if chocolate had something to do with that

  • The one thing that was overlooked in the "Can Dogs Smell Fear" portion of the video (re: acting more aggressive or not) is that dogs that are fearful often become agressive due to the fear (feeling the need to protect themselves). In the dog training world it's known as fear-based aggression. So, yes they can (as was acknowledged) and yes it can make a dog react aggressively (depending on the background/history of the dog and the person it's interacting with at the time).

  • Chocolate is bitter not sweet

  • Short Answer: They are all good bois!

  • We have to turn the tv to stop the dog attacking the screen

  • I didn't train my dog as an emotional support animal but he does a damn good job, he knows the signs of my panic attacks and can tell when I'm upset and need him to give me a cuddle. He's such a good boy :')

  • Challenge Accepted!

  • For some reason, every time I see this chick, all I can think is she'd be a freak in the sack...

  • Wow! Important ! Not. Inpordent. Thank you! Just one of my pet hates. Just don't asskt me? Ask me..

  • Alrighty , time to eat 112 pounds of chocolate

  • Our dog growing up was fascinated by an old Bose commercial that had a bunch of geese flying across the screen

  • My cat watches tv too, and when she was younger she used to slap the tv screen with her paw when ever something on the screen moved around alot, like my character im playing as in a third person shooter. It was super cute 😍

  • He,he,he. Older dogs learn more slowly probably for the same reason I do: I just can't be bothered to stir my bones some times.

  • I couldn't possibly care less.

  • Thank you for the flashing lights warning! It makes a huge difference for me. Very considerate!

  • My friend's dog hates all animal she sees on TV, including "Spleens the cat" in GrayStillPlays Sims 4 videos. I encourage you to check out one of those videos because it is incredibly generous that she thought that looked like an animal. She was also really suspicious of a small statue of a rhino on TV and then started barking at it once a little girl pet it - if you can pet it, I guess it's an animal.

  • Giving info in kilograms when a large portion of your audience may be USAmericans is rather stupid and inconsiderate.

  • Olivia is beautiful

  • My dog woke me up and helped guide me out the door as our house was burning down around us. I don’t know where that came from but the house was totally gone in 20 minutes from her waking me up. Smart or purely selfish (she needed my opposable thumbs to open the door for her to get out)? Doesn’t matter to me but I think that my hound is super smart and watchful for our home and family.

  • Corn dog really appreciates this info. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for warning about the flashing lights!

  • Hah! So theobromine may be a reason why chocolate and coffee is a migraine trigger for some then.

  • Live in Hershey, Pennsylvania for a year.

  • One of my dogs, Lisa, growls and barks at my computer when pictures of animals are on my computer screens. For some strange reason, she also watches battle scenes on my TV with rapt fascination.

  • These guys talk so fast I lose my concentration faster than a dog watching Jeopardy.

  • That was fun! Thank you! (and Sophie, my beloved furry friend, thanks you, too!)

  • Challenge accepted. I will eat 50kg of chocolate (over the next 10 years).

  • Challenge accepted, i have a 83 percent chance of success

  • How many pounds of chocolate is 8kg?

  • What tv programs are designed for dogs? I need to know!

  • My wife is on chemo for Hodgkins lymphoma, since she has been on chemo neither one of them wants anything to do with her. I have suspected that they smell the chemo coming from her and they are mistaken it for something else possibly anger, confusion or depression maybe all three and they are not sure what to make of it. Yet, since she is an emotional wreck they are smelling the chemo and all of her emotions at the same time and it bothers them so much that they just stay away from her.

  • It would seem really hard for a dog to eat even one pound of chocolate.

  • 2:32 a human and an elephant doing jump rope for a dog?! Coolest thing I’ve seen

  • One does not just eat 5 kilos of chocolate......until now! Challenge accepted.

  • Do fish and all the myths associated with them.

  • My moms puppy runs around the wall when animals are on, like she thinks the T.V. is a window.

  • 10:50 "Cats don't often get poisoned from chocolate because they can't taste sweet things," Yeah, right! Nice to know so much misinformation is spread. Cats drink antifreeze because it's sweet. You take the sweet out, they won't drink it. They might taste sweet a little differently than humans but they definitely taste it. Of course, it would be impossible to prove they can't taste it anyway without putting a human brain into a cat's body, properly connecting all the nerves and receptors and then asking them how it tastes. If you're going to spread misinformation, at least make it something someone could believe. That isn't the only incorrect information in these videos but I digress.

  • I have a newer tv and my dog will watch for five minutes and then get bored real quick. I need to find that doggy tv they were talking about. He reacts to hearing dog barks and howls, doorbells, knocking, banging etc. that he hears on the tv

  • I want to hear more about dogs sniffing cancer. This seems more reliable, from the studies I've seen, then most medical diagnostics!

  • Doggo

  • Thank you for the warning about flashing lights!!! 😊 I seriously appreciate it

  • Just wanted to say thank you Scishow for the warning!!! You just may have prevented me from having an epileptic fit.

  • My poodle knows which commercials have dogs or cats in them by the jingles. He’ll sit and wait for them to show up so he can bark at them. I keep the remote close by.

  • Our dog likes anime.

  • Wait. Can me having social anxiety cause my dog to also have social anxiety then???