Your Dog Questions Answered! | Compilation

Опубликовано: 31 июл 2019
People and dogs have been best buddies for, like, 15,000 years, but there are still some things we don't know about them! That's why SciShow has put together this handy compilation answering some of the common questions we all have about our canine companions!
Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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  • Worry not, cat lovers. There's a playlist for you, too:

    • Can we have a bunny one? Pleeease.

    • @Mr Ferris I wonder the same thing! (some) dog lovers (I mean those who hate cats) get all worked up about cats in such an unreasonable way. Even that guy from Eons couldn't hold his hate against cats back ["The Rise and Fall of the Bone-Crushing Dogs"] (very disapointing...). While I love cats, but I like dogs as well despite their flaws, which EVERY species has.

    • You are not a tiger works channel.. lol But I LITERALLY Just got thru watching a scishow vide.. it was about how bacterial studies almost prevented us from discovering the flu. (Influenza VIRUS)

    • I want a cat haters video. Why do cat lovers fear dogs compared to dog lovers just hating cats?

    • Why can't someone like cats and dogs? What's all this about cat people and dog people? :)

  • So can we have the all dog version of scishow please?

  • I had a chug (chihuahua x pug) who would charge the (LED) TV, barking at every cat (of every ilk) that popped up, whether it was just their head, or a full-body shot . He paid no attention to other quadrupeds (even other dogs), but was especially intrigued by tigers. Could it be because most cats are [de]gradations of yellow and black?

  • *C H A L L E N G E A C C E P T E D*

  • dog is AWAYS on the sofa but she keeps looking at the tv (and most of the time sleeping) and shes a jackrussell

  • "Who's a good boy" territory! X-D

  • Thank you so much for the flashing light warning!

  • A bark AND a squeak?! my dog would love this video lolololol. she'd probably focus for five whole seconds before grabbing her toy haha.

  • Here's what I don't get. Why is it called theobromine when it contains neither sulfur nor bromine? When I hear theobromine, because I'm conversant with chemistry nomenclature, it sounds like it should be made of nothing but sulfur and bromine, but it doesn't even have either of those. I really need answers on this one.

  • If I said to a dog, good dog! in an upset voice, would they process it by words of by tone?

  • My 13 year old toy poodle has learned that if she wants attention, she noses my tablet and turns it off. She's also very good at training me!

  • I can eat half of my body weight in chocolate? Challenge accepted.

  • Incidentally, I enjoyed the formatting of this video - it was nice to get alternate presenters giving information. Thanks.

  • My dog HATES other dogs on TV. He can be sound asleep and as soon as an IMAGE of a dog comes on, he will wake up and attack our TV. :(

  • Good boys

  • Literally the goodest of bois

  • My dog recognizes any animal on tv as an animal, even cartoons that are highly stylized. She watches tv and waits to see animals and loves to bark at them.

  • While on youtube type into the search box "Weird Things Dogs have Eaten", it will give you a demonstration of another of Dogs strange habits. I'll occasionally here someone say why a dog would eat something like that, and my reply would be "Because they're Dogs, that's what they do".

  • That was a good one some really excellent information and I know dogs but not as much as I thought I did until I watched😁👍 this

  • I'm watching this with my 🐕


  • So now you’ve answered questions about male canines, how about the females?

  • please remove that piercing in the nose, you look like a bull, it's disturbing

  • I cant tell you how many times my lab ate a whole bag of Hershey kisses or other chocolate. Nothing ever bothered it and it was fine.

  • I read an article by an old vet who had never in all his decades of vetting seen or heard of chocolate harming a dog. Sure, theobromine and all that; but I suspect it's because noone ever gave their dog 5 kg of chocolate - or 1 - even altogether over the life of the dog. So theobromine may be scientifically, technically bad for dogs, but anecdotally isn't a problem for them once in awhile.

    • That's going to depend on the dog and how processed the chocolate is. Heat helps break down theobromine, so brownies are way less dangerous than baking chocolate (which lots of people don't really keep in the house anyway). Cheap chocolate like hersheys is pretty processed. And some dogs just have more sensitive stomachs than others too. We've got a yorkie, and 1 forkful of just about any human food upsets his stomach badly.

  • Challenge accepted

  • Thank you, too.


  • hmm didnt answer my dog quetion Ive bben putting in comments for ages which is why do doggys sneaze when theyre excited

  • Challenge Accepted

  • Hank is the Shiba Inu of sci show

  • Aha now that its up in a different video i can say: Challenge accepted

  • Had a dog named Maggie who watched TV. She once tried to intercept a dog onscreen as it crossed the picture. She thought it would come through the side of the set. Another time she barked at an ad for a chocolate bunny. We believed she was defending us from all onscreen animal threats.

  • once i accidentally left my door open and my dog sneaked into my room and ate my leftover chocolate bunny. it was about 200g and she seemed to have really enjoyed it but of course I was freaking out. we had to call the vet and they said it was just about okay. she had a lot of energy for the evening but that was about it.

  • When Michael said "Who's a good boy?!" Both of my dogs perked up to look at me expectantly. Forced me to pay pet tax. I did not refuse.

  • Push your shoulders(the corners furthest away from your neck) backwards(your back). Do not flex the spine into your chest, leave it so it will be straight like a normal spine curve. Tension will release in your shoulders and back. Let the shoulders spread loosely away from your neck. Let it set. Then later roll them like a wrestler before a match (back to front).

  • We have a (can't spell its name, but I'll try) sh*zu. You know you generally have to tell a dog to get off the bed. We have to tell ours to get on the bed. He'll sit on the floor and whine till we say, get up here. Got any idea why he's like that?

  • Only host acceptable other than Hank.... Then you play that skunk haired douche. I'm out.

  • We want a cat version of this

  • Wait so... dogs attack you because they are scared of the fact that you're scared of them?