Your house after it's cleaned

Опубликовано: 24 мар 2019
You know the house knows it after you clean up.
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  • It's simply impossible...

  • If this ever happened to me id have to move

  • Literally spent days looking for this

  • One of the rare moments when I know the song before Lenarr made it his own 😊

  • When you clean the whole house by yourself * Xbox achievement: cLeAn Up tHiS dAmN hOuSe *

  • So funny

  • This should be a commercial💯💯😎

  • Make a rap to this shit

  • Imagine recording your furniture like that.

  • song?

  • Bruh some crazy stuff always happen in yo house😂😂

  • It looks like he just woke up

  • How do he be doing the edit to put his face on stuff

  • bro this is my alarm tune ///////

  • Who else is here because of Urban Lullaby - Jimmy Fontanez / Doug Maxwell video!

  • Imagine watching this without seeing any of the edits.

  • Who here watched Clayton's videos and heard this song and thought someone was getting punched in slow motion?

  • Cleaning with alcohol

  • When u go crazy

  • Bruh u a genius

  • Name of song anyone?

  • Creativity at it's best❤

  • The moral of the story is clean your room, bucko!

  • I need the soundtrack for meditation .thanks

  • My house still fucked up cause I been stuck bingeing your videos. Bro! Your too funny

  • Who is here because searching urban lullaby?


  • This man puts a face on anything❌🧢

  • bruh my mom said you are funny... that's an elite compliment

  • Wow

  • Im too high for this

  • Why cant there be a 1 hour version

    • I created one

  • The lamp looks like lil tecca change my mind

  • Who else put there headphones on.

  • What song?

  • the lamp💀😭😭

  • This video is me

  • now watch somebody go home and finally go home and clean tneir house

  • no lie why he not on wildin out or something

  • maxo and Bill me to the game on the game is at my

  • More like when you do acid

  • Packers are the beast

  • Where is the full song?

  • Yo how they be hummin without nose

  • 🔥🔥😂

  • *If only I had a house to sing for me...*

  • 😂the lamp

  • Those hymns at 1:30 to like 1:45

  • This song is actually good and for that reason I cant stop laughing 😭😭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lmao damn this shit caught me.. just started laughing didn’t even know why