Zane - WAP (Official Music Video Cover)

Опубликовано: 14 сен 2020
Available on Spotify and iTunes soon! This song is meant to be played while you're with your lover in the shower and no where else.
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Instagram - @zane
Twitter - @zane
Zane Hijazi
Brett Bassock
Micah Gordon
Jon Corum - Cinematographer
Mitch Parks - Editor
Tatsuya Kawauchi - 1st AC
Erick Turcios - Gaffer
Scotty Sire - @Scotty Sire
Heath Hussar - @Heath Hussar
Matt King - @Matt King
Jason Nash - @Jason Nash
Mariah Amato - @Mariah Amato
Addison Rae - @Addison Rae
Quen Blackwell - @Quenlin Blackwell
Courtney - @Average Fashion Blogger
Natalie Mariduena
Kenny Allen
Ilya Feddy
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  • This is the best part of 2020

  • this is legendary

  • why is this version wayyyyyyyyy better????? XD

  • Wow this was pretty funny 😂

  • if this isn't my son at his school talent show I don't want him

  • wow im in tears

  • I feel bad for his muslim dad travil for freedom end up with a wap son

  • How there rlly going in wit it has me ded

  • this fulfills my needs in every way. god, im ready😌


  • Zane ur the man bro. Duno how u kept such a straight face hahahaha

  • Lmfaoooo Matt givin it his all back there 😂😂

  • Just added this to my sex playlist cardi b your cancelled imo

  • Who else saw Addison Rae in the choir

  • Omg I didn’t know that this pandemic doesn’t apply to u?? Glad to see ur all having fun tho

  • Hey boo

  • LMAO I just got the notification 💀 and I thought to myself shiiit I wanna hear this

  • Bruh I love you Zane 🤣❤️

  • Welcome To 2020!!

  • When is the tour

  • Hahahahaha

    • Matt in the back hahahaha

  • :D.......

  • 😭

  • This is the only classical music I’ll listen to lol

  • Ikyfl😭😭

  • LMAO

  • MTV saw it congrats yaaay

  • this shit hilarious

  • Did Anyone see addison?


  • Your hair looks good. Lol

  • This was fucking brilliant

  • If this ain't gonna play in my funeral I ain't going 😤

  • Oh my gooossshhh Quensadilla is thereeee



  • i cant tell if this is iconic or iconic...

  • It’s not “there’s some ho’s in this house” it’s “there’s some whores in this house”

  • God has left the chat

  • mmmmmmm.... no.

  • You're really a character 😂

  • This saves 2020

  • Jason 😂😂😂

  • I tunes ?

  • What the zane

  • Still waiting on the day Stassie lets Zane wife her up.

  • Heart warming

  • Is that bad bleep?

  • Better than the original 😂

  • What a song, it make tears 😢 👆

  • Ok but like Zaine got a glow up 👀👀👀👀 not even i can glow up like that 👁👄👁

  • when the lyrics does not match the beats


  • matt king had me dead lmao

  • Funny ass shit good stuff zane mad inspirational


  • i dont know how to feel about this-

  • I felt this in my soul

  • Beautiful...just beautiful

  • if ur mad that addison rae is in the video for 15 seconds...u can stfu 😀

  • i actually shed a tear

  • Why when the fuck did Zane learn too sing? How tf does he do it? Bravo dude


  • Wtf is this bro

  • Ay

  • I am so glad I live in this generation

  • Fng

  • this was truly a piece of art.... brought a tear to my eye 😢🤧

  • Bahahahahahah I- I can't 🤣

  • 2:08 Natalie is literally like wtf did I get myself into

  • I fucking hate this song but this make me feel something😂

  • Him in the beginning: there’s some hoes in this house there’s some hoes in this house there’s some hoes in this house Me: 👁👄👁

  • And ppl wonder why cardi divorce she found him


  • Cardie needs to see this sorry i dont like this

  • Anyone else brought to tears?

  • no no no pls no

  • Sending this to the foreign students at my school so they can learn English ❤️

  • JacksFilms: slowly claps

  • He hit that shit at the end


  • Never did i think i would cry again but dammit this is beautiful

  • He actually sounds good 😭

    • the orchestra thinking they were going to cover some beautiful classical piece

  • HAHAHA omg 😂😂

  • I wonder what God is thinking right about now 😂😂

  • beautiful.

  • is that addison rae in the back?????

  • I-

  • i love how addison is in this 😭😂

  • **hyuck thoo**

  • im in tears yalllllllll.......

  • Why am I feeling something 🦋 Magical

  • cultural reset

  • A cinematic masterpiece

  • Oh my god,😆 the vlog squad choir😆 HAHAHAHAHAHA! 😆

  • why matt screaming looks like he just saw a ghost xD

  • the orchestra thinking they were going to cover some beautiful classical piece

  • unliked when i saw addison

  • When did Zane and Heath Benjamin Button back to high school?

  • Wait is that addison